Ask about CuTiEs

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So glad you stopped by. This is a special division of TCCA.

What is CuTiEs and why are the C, T and E emphasized?

Well for it’s namesake, Chanelle and Taylor’s Events. The inspiration behind CuTiEs is my oldest daughter (who was 5 years old at the time).  One day we were squeezing lemons left from Easter dessert and she said she wanted to have a lemon party. She started to rattle off all these great ideas like teaching her friends how to squeeze lemons, a lemon hunt in the backyard, lemon cupcakes, fresh lemonade, lemon props, and even having attendees wear yellow attire. I was so amazed and impressed with her imagination and planning that I wanted to foster that creativity and excitement. And so, CutiE’s was born. 

Our Motto: 

“We’re not fancy, just cute”

Our Goal:

Teaching children to be masters of their own plan
What will we do?

We will foster self confidence, research skills, goal-setting, planning, decision-making, creativity, and sense of pride/accomplishment by helping you and your child plan awesome events (play dates, birthdays, you name it)


10% of proceeds benefit your child’s charity of choice each (we believe in helping others. in fact, at every birthday, my girls collect items to donate to give to a charity in lieu of birthday gifts. don’t worry, they still get plenty of gifts 🙂 Afterall, “tis better to give than to receive”